Henri Coandă International Airport, Otopeni, is starting to replace the baggage lanes in the arrivals area

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CN Aeroporturi București SA (CNAB) announces that, from September 12, 2022, the modernization works of the hold baggage processing equipment on the arrivals flow will begin.


In the first phase, four of the 6 baggage lanes and related equipment on the international arrivals flow will be replaced.

The works will take place in stages and will last five and a half months. The first baggage lanes to be replaced will be lanes 3 (floor 1) and 4 (ground floor), after which the other two (1 and 2, both upstairs) will be replaced in turn.

These works will lead to a temporary reduction in processing capacity – from 6 to 5 baggage lanes, and even 4 lanes at certain times, which is why the works have been scheduled for the off-season. Finally, after an investment of 3.2 million euros, an additional capacity of 20% will be obtained and a substantial reduction in the waiting time for luggage arrival. We specify that three of these lanes have been in operation since the opening of the Sosiri airport (2003).

Under these conditions, it is expected that there will be, temporarily, congestion during baggage processing on the arrivals flow, congestion which may lead to an increase in the waiting time for passengers recovering their checked baggage.

CNAB, together with the handling agents, established the necessary measures so that the possible discomfort felt by passengers is minimized, this means, first of all, that the waiting time for the recovery of checked baggage does not increase.

At the same time, CNAB will take, together with the contractor, all possible measures so that downtime for the lanes that are being replaced are minimized and at the end of the works, estimated for mid-February 2023, passengers benefit from a modern, silent system with a increased capacity, implicitly by shortening the waiting time.

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