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We are passionate about airplanes and flights, but also for travel. We watch everything that flies and we like to look at the world from above. We are looking at airlines and airports. There are thousands of airports in the world, bigger and smaller.

Some only support domestic traffic, others are adapted to international flights. Some are limited to small aircraft, others are approved to receive large aircraft such as A380 and B747. There are also aerodromes for recreational flights or nautical bases for seaplanes.

Are you curious to see how the ground works between planes? Below are some live broadcasts from major airports around the world. It's nice to see how the aircraft are being prepared at different airports around the world. You can catch a beautiful sunrise, a sunset among the planes, seen in North America or Australia.

Airports LIVE - webcam video

Schiphol Webcam

Dusseldorf Webcam

Frankfurt Webcam


Las Vegas