ASUS ROG FLOW X16: the ideal laptop for a true globe-trotter

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The traveler feels good about the road. OK, I agree, but it looks much better with one PLEASE FLOW X16 in the backpack. Because the ultra-slim gaming laptop doesn't compromise when it comes to power and performance, wherever you are. In general, 16-inch devices are not exactly synonymous with mobility, but ASUS engineers managed to fit a 16-inch screen into a compact 15-inch case, which gives this laptop a rather unexpected mobility.


Usage scenarios that lend themselves to your needs

Beyond mobility, the second key word that characterizes the ASUS FLOW X16 it's versatility. The fact that it's a convertible laptop means that it lends itself to a lot of usage scenarios, depending on the angle at which the screen is fixed. At 90 degrees, it's a regular laptop, equally suitable for office work and video game fun.

ROG Flow X16

In tent mode, it lends itself to cooperative scenarios, but also to watching movies with family or friends. If you increase the angle to 180 degrees, you are dealing with a flat laptop, very convenient to use in scenarios where you have to collaborate with colleagues on a project.

ASUS ROG FLOW X16 can be used in tablet mode, classic mode with 180-degree extended angle

And in tablet mode you can benefit from all the computing power of a PC, in conditions of absolute mobility. When used in tablet mode, the 16-inch touchscreen allows you to effortlessly enjoy your favorite mobile and touch-compatible games. For supported games, the X16 also seamlessly connects with wireless controllers for a new approach to ultraportable gaming.

ROG Flow X16

All these scenarios are viable not only for work or fun, but also in mobility conditions. When traveling, you may decide to work a bit until you reach your destination, in which case you'll use tablet mode. Tent mode can also work very well on your seat tray on the plane. But tablet mode will probably be your favorite on the road. And you'll appreciate the touch screen and stylus support, which can prove very useful for graphic design, office and many other creative activities.

ROG Flow X16

At just 19,4mm thick, the ASUS ROG FLOW X16 is slim, with a textured 'gravity wave' design available in OFF Black or Eclipse Gray covering the entire ultra-thin magnesium alloy case. Plus, the sandblasted finish adds extra grip when you're carrying it around or handling it as a tablet. And with N-key rollover, 1,7mm key travel, and single-zone RGB with Aura Sync support, the keyboard has the same premium feature set as other ROG laptops.

Impressive hardware

The FLOW X 16's spec sheet is sure to impress, with an AMD processor that goes up to a Rembrandt 6900HS CPU and an Nvidia Geforce RTX3070 Ti GPU, to which is added up to 64GB of DDR5 RAM running at 4800MHz and 2 PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD slots.

ROG Flow X16

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards power the world's fastest laptops for gamers and creators. They're built with Ampere – NVIDIA's second-generation RTX architecture – to give you the most realistic ray-traced graphics and next-generation AI features like NVIDIA DLSS. Plus, Max-Q technologies unleash the power of artificial intelligence to make thin, high-performance laptops that are faster and better than ever.

The MUX switch (or Multiplexer Switch)

The MUX switch (or Multiplexer Switch) allows users to manually enable or disable the integrated graphics. Modern gaming laptops route frames from the GPU through the processor's integrated graphics before reaching the display to prioritize battery life. The MUX switch can physically change the connection between the GPU and the screen, and because all frames are routed directly from the dedicated GPU to the screen, you'll get up to 10% more performance and an overall better gaming experience.

And if you need even more power, you can connect ROG FLOW X16 to the XG mobile external GPU, which comes in an ultra-compact format and weighs only 1,2 kg. ASUS was able to fit up to an AMD Radeon RX 6850M XT GPU with an internal 330W power adapter.

Big days screen

Another asset of the FLOW X16 is the screen panel, which reaches up to a MiniLED Nebula HDR with a maximum brightness of 1100 nits, a refresh rate of 165Hz and a response time of 3ms. Additionally, of particular interest to content creators, all panels are Pantone validated for excellent color accuracy and use a 16:10 aspect ratio that provides more vertical space for better productivity.

ROG Flow X16

Mini LED allows for deeper contrast and higher brightness than traditional LED displays, enabling an image that seems to pop off the screen, with VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification. So prepare to be dazzled by vivid colors with coverage of DCI- 3% P100 and a maximum brightness of 1100 nits.

The Nebula HDR Display features AMOLED technology from AUO

The Nebula HDR Display features AUO's AMOLED technology and ROG's in-house backlighting algorithm. This adaptive control technology uses image processing as well as dynamic dimming and boosting to create hyper-precise local dimming that reduces the blooming effect seen in some HDR panels. With the increased density of Mini LED, your content will look more vibrant than ever.

ROG Flow X16

From scene to scene, frame to frame, Dolby Vision enhances standard 4K video images with high dynamic range (HDR), dynamically adjusting visuals to make every image in front of you richer, brighter and more alive Creators can shoot and edit their streams, videos and other content in a format commonly used by industry professionals.

ROG Flow X16

Nothing ruins gameplay more than stuttering and tearing. GPUs render frames at variable rates, but screens typically refresh at a constant rate, so they can get out of sync, causing visible issues and artifacts. With Adaptive Sync, the display's refresh rate synchronizes with that of the GPU to eliminate visual tearing, minimize stuttering, and reduce input lag.

Efficient cooling

FLOW X16's superior level of performance requires excellent cooling in a slim form factor, which is why ASUS has included, for the first time, a revolutionary three-fan configuration called Frost Force, which, in combination with the Pulsar heatsink that redirects airflow to the GPU, provides exceptional cooling and better performance.

Frost Force technology directs air through precisely calculated cutouts in the shell, and the new Pulsar Heatsink is larger, covering the entire rear of the car and having a total surface area of ​​110.902 mm² thanks to its 330 individual fins with a thickness of 0,1 mm. In addition, a third auxiliary fan helps send additional heat from the GPU directly to the Pulsar Heatsink, keeping the machine cool during video renderings or long gaming sessions.

The updated Arc Flow fans feature 84 curved blades, specially shaped to maximize airflow with minimal noise. Variable-thickness blades that taper to just 0,2mm at the tip reduce turbulence as the fan accelerates air using centrifugal force, giving you a quieter overall experience.

0dB Ambient Cooling technology means that in silent operation mode, the cooling system turns off all fans during daily tasks to passively dissipate heat. If the CPU or GPU temperatures rise, the fans automatically turn on again.

Thermal Grizzly's Liquid Metal compound reduces CPU temperatures by up to 10°C compared to standard thermal paste. Applying it to CPUs is delicate work, so ROG commissioned custom equipment to automate the process with mechanical precision and designed a proprietary internal frame to hold the compound.

Immersive audio

Quad speakers powered by Dolby Atmos put you in the center of the action. But because they benefit from intelligent amplification, the speakers support an increased volume level that can cover interference from third-party sources. In addition, two-way AI noise cancellation purifies both incoming and outgoing audio, making broadcasts, conversations and recordings clearer than ever.

ROG Flow X16

Three modes for the integrated microphone array give you increased control over your input. Cardioid mode captures sound right from the front of the laptop while minimizing rear input, making it ideal for streaming and gaming. Stereo mode uses the right and left channels to record a wider soundscape for live music or other immersive experiences. Omnidirectional mode captures sound from all directions equally for clearer group conference calls.

As a consequence…

If you are fond of traveling or your work requires you to travel frequently, you will hardly be able to find a digital companion more generous in size and more desirable in terms of performance than PLEASE FLOW X16. Wherever you are, this laptop provides you with the same set of highly optimized features for mobility, which you can use for work and play alike. Given its functional design, can you imagine a TOP 10 of your favorite usage scenarios?

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