Austria imposes new entry measures for Romanian citizens. Mandatory insulation or COVID-19 test!

5 30.267

Update 16: 40: The self-isolation measure will not be applied in case of non-stop transit of citizens from Romania on the territory of Austria to destinations from other states and in case of transport of goods, the MFA announced, after Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova on the list of red zone countries.

"Since yesterday, July 7, this year, urgent steps were taken at the level of Minister of Foreign Affairs with the Austrian counterpart - the Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, Alexander Schallenberg, at the level of Secretary of State for European Affairs in the Romanian MFA under the Austrian counterpart - the Austrian Federal Minister for the EU and Constitution, Karoline Edtstadler, as well as through the Romanian Embassy in Vienna and the Austrian Embassy in Bucharest, to request a postponement of the implementation date of this measure. compared to the initial intention to apply immediately after the announcement, as well as to clarify the implementation of these measures (to impose restrictions on entry into the territory of the Republic of Austria for citizens from Romania and other states - no) ", states the MFA in a press release sent to MEDIAFAX.

The initial news: COVID-19 pandemic it is far from over. We will not get rid of this coronavirus until miraculous medication or a vaccine appears. So it's good to be psychologically prepared for anything. If we plan vacations and trips during this period, it would be good to set our expectations correctly. Before traveling outside Romania, we advise you to find out if there are rules when entering the desired country. You never know when the rules may change.

Austria has imposed new rules for entering the country for Romanian citizens

The proof is that AUSTRIA changed overnight the status of Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria to level 6 of the security alert. That is, not even overnight, but in the early hours of the morning. And this is due to the negative evolution of the pandemic in those countries.

This maximum security alert translates to introduction of the obligation of isolation / quarantine for 14 days for all those traveling to Austria from Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria. Those who do not want to be in solitary confinement / quarantine must present a COVID-19 negative test, no more 72 hours old compared to when he entered Austria. The new rules will apply from Thursday.

Failure to comply with the mandatory quarantine is a serious breach of Austrian law and will be punishable by fines of up to 1.450 euros.

Thursday, 1800 police officers will be deployed at the borders with Slovenia and Hungary in order to better control the cars and coaches that want to enter Austria. Officials in Vienna say more and more people in the Western Balkans want to travel to Austria, so there is a risk that more and more infected people will enter Austrian territory.

Regarding flights, there are still no restrictions, but Austria may at any time require the suspension of flights to and from Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria.

It should be noted that the Vienna authorities urge Austrian citizens to leave Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria immediately. New measures may be imposed, including blocking traffic.

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  1. valentin says

    those who are in transit by land, what happens to them?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      It can be transited without parking in Austria

  2. Emanuel says

    Does the test have to be presented even if you only have a stopover in Austria?

  3. sile says

    Let's thank Orban and klaus for bringing us in this state, let's say they have a little more and they exceed no. of inhabitants of the country with no diseases

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