The Czech Republic imposes a new series of restrictive measures. Restaurants, bars and clubs will be closed until November 3.

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The Czech Republic is imposing a new set of restrictive measures in response to a record increase in the number of new cases of COVID-19.

Starting at 00:00, October 14, all restaurants, bars and clubs will be closed until the end of the emergency. The 30-day emergency salt was implemented on October 5 and expires on November 3. But with the mention that the state of emergency can be prolonged.

Restaurants, bars and clubs will be closed until November 3.

In addition, all schools will be closed until November 1, except for schools for children of doctors, nurses and front-line workers. Kindergartens will remain open.

Citizens must wear masks in public transport stations. A maximum of 6 people can gather in public and a ban on alcohol in public spaces has been imposed.

These measures were taken after a new case record was recorded. On Friday, 19 people were confirmed with COVID-8.618, marking the fourth consecutive day of a new record for coronavirus infections.

Data from the Prague government show that the Czech Republic recorded a total of 119.007 cases of COVID-19 and 1045 deaths. Last week alone, 256 people lost the battle with the new coronavirus.

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