COVID-19 Daily - October 30: Testing of a COVID-19 vaccine pill began; Approximately 5 million people died from / with COVID-19 worldwide!

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  • South Africa has approved the clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine pill. The announcement was made by the Israeli pharmaceutical company Oramed. This will be the first oral vaccine test conducted in South Africa, although other vaccines have been tested, but with traditional administration.

An oral version of the vaccine may be more appealing to some people who are afraid of needles and are easier to administer.

  • Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is about to be re-elected as head of the World Health Organization after leading the organization through the worst global health crisis. He is the only candidate and will be able to lead the WHO for another five years.
  • Beijing officials canceled about half of all flights passing through the city's two main airports after several people tested positive. At the same time, cases have been reported in tourist regions. Residents of the city were also told to keep funeral ceremonies short and postpone weddings.
  • An estimated 44.265 people died in COVID-19 in Russia in September, informs Rosstat. The figure is almost double the number published by the Russian coronavirus task force. This is due to the fact that Rosstat reports its figures every month and takes into account data from examiners, while the working group announces them every day and only includes cases where the coronavirus is established as the leading cause of death after a autopsy. 
  • Nearly 5 million people have died as a result of the December 19 COVID-2019 pandemic, according to AFP. The United States has the highest balance, with 457.191 deaths during this period. It is followed by Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia.
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