Delta Air Lines will equip almost the entire fleet with the best Wi-Fi connection

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Whether we are at home, at work or on the go, the ways we use our personal devices are evolving rapidly. The need for fast and reliable connectivity has never been more important. For this reason, Delta Air Lines will equip almost the entire fleet with the best high-speed Wi-Fi connection by the end of 2022.

The airline will initially equip over 300 aircraft with high-speed satellite connectivity (Ka-Band), powered by Viasat, by the end of 2021 - to modernize the experience on board. "Technology and entertainment are key parts of our customers' lives", said Byron Merritt - VP of Brand Experience. "By equipping our fleet with enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities, we take steps to ensure that we can adapt to the different ways our customers will use the technology during their journey both today and in the future."

Delta Air Lines will equip almost the entire fleet with the best Wi-Fi connection by 2022.

Delta Air Lines will equip almost the entire fleet with the best Wi-Fi connection. The new Wi-Fi system will provide a reliable and quality streaming connection to everyone on board. Starting in June, customers traveling with one of the aircraft that will be equipped with Viasat technology will have access to improved connectivity for a simple and consistent price of $ 8 per flight per device, regardless of destination. Simply join the network on a laptop or mobile device and purchase Wi-Fi access using the new Delta Portal platform.

With the Delta Portal platform, customers will be able to connect, buy, browse and stream from their chosen device. The Delta Portal platform gives customers access to free messages available today and their favorite services at no extra cost. The platform is built to evolve as customer needs change, with new features planned for the end of this year.

The first Delta Viasat aircraft, a new Airbus A321ceo, will enter operational service on May 1. The company will closely test and monitor connectivity performance on this original aircraft, with additional aircraft scheduled to enter service in June. There will be A321ceos, Boeing 737-900 and 757-200 aircraft - aircraft that are part of the fleet that operates on routes with high volume of customers.

The airline intends to equip these fleets with the new service by the end of 2021.

High speed connectivity is just the beginning. In recent years, Delta has added seat-back screens to almost the entire main fleet and brought even more media content on board, becoming an industry leader. The airline continuously adds successful movies and TV shows to Delta Studio, offering captivating podcasts, health and wellness content, or live access to satellite TV.

Whether you catch a favorite TV show via the screen, broadcast your favorite content, or stay connected with friends or family through free text messages, the airline changes what’s possible in air travel.

Delta Air Lines said it will start selling seats in the middle of its planes starting May 1, more than a year after he decided to leave them empty to promote distancing. Other airlines blocked the middle seats at the beginning of the pandemic, but Delta lasted the longest and is the last of the four major US airlines to abandon this policy.

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