Emirates is in talks with Airbus to cancel the delivery of the last 5 A380 aircraft

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The crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic has led to the blockade of the aviation industry. More than 17 planes were detained on the ground at the height of the pandemic and tens of millions of passengers were affected by the suspension of domestic and international flights in more than 000 countries and territories.

As the peak of the pandemic passes, more and more countries are looking to relax travel conditions, and airlines are preparing to resume flights. But nothing will be the same as before the new coronavirus appeared.

Emirates wants to give up the last 5 A380

Specialists are skeptical when it comes to the return of air traffic and mention that everything "will be as before" in about 2 years. Thus, most airlines have begun to give up aircraft, especially large and very large ones.

Emirates, one of the few airlines with the Airbus A380 in the fleet, is negotiating with Airbus to cancel the delivery of the last 5 superjumbo aircraft.

According to Bloomberg, Airbus would not agree to this cancellation because all Emirates A380 aircraft have entered the production phase. But it proposes to the carrier in the United Arab Emirates to postpone deliveries and payments.

There are rumors in the market that Emirates would consider giving up up to 40% of the A380 aircraft fleet. We remind you that Emirates has the largest fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft, with 15 units. These speculations came a week after statements were made by Tim Clark, president of Emirates, who said that the fleet would be reduced by 20% -30% due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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