ECDC map: Romania is the best in terms of the pandemic. The most affected countries are: France, Greece and Germany.

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Just one week before Christmas, the situation of COVID-19 is critical for most European countries. All those who plan to travel to the Member States of the European Union are warned and the ECDC discourages travel during this period.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) revealed in its latest map update on 16 December that most European Union countries continue to be severely affected by COVID-19 and its new variant.

According to data provided by the EU Health Agency, almost all EU countries / the Schengen area are currently colored in dark red, as they have registered more than 500 cases per 100000 inhabitants in the last two weeks and have had a positive rate of tests greater than 4%.

Romania, the only country colored in orange with green dots

Countries that are considered to be extremely affected by the virus, at least for the time being, are France, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania and Denmark. It should be noted that the number of people in serious condition is constant or decreasing, as are deaths. Is this the benefit of mass vaccination?

Unlike the countries on the dark red list, the epidemiological situation is more stable in Italy, Spain, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Malta and Estonia. However, everyone is advised to be very careful and follow the rules of entry into the country of destination.

In addition, of all the EU / Schengen countries, Romania has the best situation at the moment. Two regions of Romania are colored green, while the others are colored orange.

Regarding the Omicron variant, ECDC revealed that a total of 16 cases in the EU / EEA had been confirmed by 3158 December. Norway (1792), Denmark (383), France (170), the Netherlands (123), Belgium (121) and Germany (102) reported the highest number of Omicron cases. How did Norway reach the top of the countries with the most cases of Omicron?

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