ITA Airways and the new Italian airline livery

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The new Italian airline will be renamed ITA Airways, despite paying 90 million euros for the brand and usage rights of its predecessor Alitalia, which ceased operations on Thursday after 74 years.

Revealing the name of the state-backed carrier, which until now was called ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo), CEO Fabio Lazzerini described ITA Airways as "a name that looks forward to the future."

With the presentation of the new name, the new website of the company was revealed - - and the new livery. The fuselage will be blue, with the ITA Airways logo in white, the wings will be white, and the tail of the aircraft will be Italian tricolor: green, white and red.

The new airline will start with 2.800 employees out of the almost 11.000 Alitalia employees, and their number will increase to 5.750 by 2025. It will initially serve 44 destinations, reaching 74 by 2025 and will fly to more destinations in Alitalia. Italy. Airports such as London-Heathrow and Paris-Charles de Gaulle will not be missing from the ITA Airways network. From November, flights will be operated to destinations in the United States such as New York JFK, Miami, Boston and Los Angeles, and from 2022 there will be flights to Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.

ITA Airways took flight in difficult times, in times of pandemic COVID-19 and with a high rivalry from low-cost airlines. Everyone hopes, especially the Italians, that this company will be profitable.

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