Italy requires a Green Pass (EU COVID-19 digital certificate) on domestic flights

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From September 1, the new rules for the Green Pass will enter into force in Italy. Thus, from this date, the EU COVID-19 digital certificate (also recognized as the Green Pass or Green Pass) becomes mandatory in universities, hotels, bars / restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, stadiums, cinemas, theaters, concerts, trains, planes and ships.

Under these conditions, from September 1, passengers will need a Green Pass to be able to travel on domestic flights from Italy. The EU COVID-19 digital certificate can be obtained 14 days after the administration of a dose of vaccine, after the cure of COVID-19 (in the last six months) or on the basis of a negative result obtained after a PCR / antigen test performed in the last 48 hours.

These measures will be applied to all domestic flights in Italy, including those operated by Wizz Air, Blue Air, Alitalia and all other airlines.

Citizens who do not comply with the new rules and do not hold a Green Pass risk a fine of up to 400 EURO, but can be reduced if paid within five days. Traders risk suspending activities for one to ten days.

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