Lockdown in Austria until December 13. Tourist trips will be blocked!

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The other day we announced with a positive vibe that Austria is preparing to receive vaccinated tourists for the winter season. Today we sadly announce that Austria is entering a lockdown and tourist travel will be blocked until December 13, 2021. The measure will apply to all people, regardless of the stage of vaccination.

Given the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, the Austrian government has announced a temporary national lockdown. This lock, which starts on Monday, November 22, will be evaluated after 10 days and is scheduled to end on December 13 at the latest. Travel to Austria for tourist purposes will not be possible during this period. We will keep you posted with additional details as soon as they become available.

"We don't want to have a fifth wave", Of the Austrian Chancellor, Alexander Schallenberg, quoted by the public television ORF. "We also don't want wave six or wave seven.He admitted it was a "very painful" decision.

Under the measures, Austrians will be required to work from home, non-essential shops will be closed, and schools will remain open to children in need of physical education. These will continue until December 12, but will be re-evaluated after 10 days.

How did Austria end up in this situation? Firstly because of the relatively low percentage of vaccinated, below 65%, but also because of those who oppose vaccination. Initial Austria had announced a series of measures against unvaccinated people, with a lockdown only applicable to them from November 22. As there were appeals against this measure, the authorities decided to apply a national lockdown to all residents of Austria.

In recent days, Austria has seen an increasing number of people infected with the new coronavirus, forcing the authorities to take harsh action. Let's hope things return to normal after December 13th.

We will return with information about the flights between Romania and Austria. We know that many of you have booked your tickets for the Christmas fair or for a ski session, but unfortunately you will have to cancel your plans during the lockdown period, at least according to the information currently available. We'll see what happens in the future!

  1. Vera Mantu says

    I have a wizzair reservation in Vienna on November 26th. I canceled the hotel reservation but I don't know what to do with the plane ticket. Shouldn't Wizzair cancel flights to Austria? If you don't cancel them, you lose your money…

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