Lufthansa and Eurowings cancel more than 1000 flights scheduled for July 2022

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Due to the staffing crisis, Lufthansa and Eurowings were forced to cancel more than 1000 flights scheduled for July 2022, becoming the newest airlines to cancel flights during the summer season.

In a press release, Lufthansa announced that it will cancel more than 900 domestic and international short-haul flights from bases in Frankfurt and Munich in July 2022. The cancellations will affect flights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Operational disruptions amount to 5% of the airline's scheduled weekend volume. Lufthansa has stated that the Eurowings subsidiary will also cancel more than 100 scheduled flights in July 2022.

The rapid elimination of COVID-19 rules has led to a rapid increase in demand for airline tickets, but the aviation industry is not fully prepared to receive the large number of passengers it wants to travel during this period.

As mentioned above, Lufthansa and Eurowings are among the newest airlines to announce the cancellation of flights. In recent days, many flights have been canceled from the UK. The same thing happened in the Netherlands, where the staffing crisis worsened in Amsterdam. KLM had to cancel hundreds of flights scheduled for the summer season. Employee leave, as well as a lack of ground staff, contribute to these cancellations.

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