Pratt & Whitney GTF Advantage engine, most efficient for the Airbus A320neo family of aircraft

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On December 2, Pratt & Whitney unveiled the new GTF Advantage engine. It aims to be the world's most efficient and most sustainable single-aisle aircraft engine.

The Pratt & Whitney GTF Advantage engine will power the new Airbus A320neo aircraft. The GTF Advantage configuration reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 17% compared to previous generation engines, being more efficient even over the current GTF. In addition, the GTF Advantage engine will be 100% compatible with "sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)", helping the industry meet its commitment to zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

At the same time, the new GTF Advantage will offer higher traction, regardless of the take-off altitude. The takeoff force will be 34 lbf, being the most powerful engine that will equip the Airbus A000neo family of aircraft. This will be able to influence the flight autonomy, but also the possibility to take off from shorter runways.

The current generation of Pratt & Whitney GTF engines for the Airbus A320neo family reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 16% compared to previous generation engines and is certified to operate with 50% SAF.

Since its inception in early 2016, GTF engines have saved operators more than 600 million gallons (more than two billion liters) of fuel and reduced their carbon emissions by more than six million metric tons. With more than 1.100 aircraft, 58 airlines and three aircraft families - Airbus A320neo, Airbus A220 and Embraer E-Jets E2 - GTF engines also reduced their sound footprint by 75% and regulated emissions by 50% as standard. CAEP / 6 regulation.

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