New certified tourist resorts in Romania: Vişeu de Sus becomes a tourist resort of national interest!

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The town of Vişeu de Sus in Maramureș County, certified as a tourist resort of local interest in 2009, receives the new status of tourist resort of national interest, meeting the mandatory minimum criteria.

"Congratulations to all the communities that have become tourist resorts today! In the future, they may opt for the establishment of a Destination Management Organization, developed at the local level, for which it is necessary, among the mandatory minimum criteria, to have this status or the existence of at least 100 accommodation places in the classified structures. At the same time, representing poles of tourist development, the resorts will benefit from new opportunities to attract investors, which will encourage a growing presence of tourists in these areas ", said the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Constantin-Daniel Cadariu.

Following the verification of the fulfillment of the legal criteria, including through field visits carried out by the specialists from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, at the request of the local public administration authorities, 17 localities were certified as tourist resorts, as follows:

• Pecica city, Arad county;
• Marghita Municipality, Bihor County;
• Vadu Crișului commune, Bihor county;
• Berzasca commune, Caraș - Severin county;
• Coronini commune, Caraş - Severin county;
• Mehadia commune, Caraş - Severin county;
• Corund commune, Harghita county;
• Zetea commune, Harghita county;
• Săpânța commune, Maramureș county;
• Moldovița commune, Suceava county;
• Panaci commune, Suceava county;
• Putna commune, Suceava county;
• Șaru Dornei commune, Suceava county;
• Vama commune, Suceava county;
• Deta city, Timiș county;
• Jimbolia city, Timiș county;
• Mălaia commune, Vâlcea county.

In the long and medium term, the attestation of these localities as tourist resorts of local interest and, respectively, of national interest, will create a positive impact. In view of the tourist potential, but also of the natural and anthropic resources, they will be able to be promoted with the new status and thus will have greater chances in attracting non-reimbursable financing, through an increased score, given that some programs impose this criterion, consequently, influencing the increase of the tourist circulation, but also the diversification of the offers.

Also, given the multiplier effect of tourism in related economic sectors, such as transport, construction, agriculture, handicrafts and retail, the implementation of tourism development projects in these resorts will have an economically beneficial impact and, It will also help increase the quality of life for residents of these areas.

So far, in Romania there are 54 tourist resorts of national interest and 112 of local interest.

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