United Airlines scandal: passenger disembarked for taking free and democratic ticket (Video)

United Airlines scandal: passenger disembarked for taking free and democratic ticket (Video)

Shocking case on board a United Airlines aircraft. One passenger was forcefully evacuated because he chose to fly with United.

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America is recognized as a free and democratic country. People have rights, and laws are made to defend the rights of the American citizen. Theoretically sounds good, but for United it didn't matter.

Days ago, on a flight United Airlines (Chicago - Louisville), passengers witnessed shocking scenes. One passenger was forcibly disembarked without doing any harm. Maybe because he was in the wrong place.

Passenger landed on a United Airlines flight

The short story is as follows: "On Sunday night, United Airlines 3411 (Chicago - Louisville) was full. Seat and passenger. The company finally decided to transport 4 employees to United on this flight. As places were gone, volunteering was called, with bonuses up to 800 dollars being promised for 4 passengers.

But the passengers did not want to give up their correctly and democratically purchased seats. At that time, the flight crew made the decision to disembark 4 passengers randomly chosen (the criteria for choosing 4 passengers are not yet known). 3 complied with the requirements, but not the 4. It was forcibly removed from the aircraft. being dragged by Chicago airport police. The scenes were filmed by those on the plane. "

CEO of United Airlines defends the crew, but recalls that there is also a lesson to be learned from this unfortunate incident. There are laws that allow airline operators to refuse boarding a passenger, but the law regarding passengers already boarded is not clear.

Airline operators are known to make additional sales on flights. There are situations when some passengers are no longer boarding, but also when everyone arrives on board, but some will remain on the ground because the flight was overbooking.

If United Airlines, were not the 2 situations presented above. At the last moment, it was decided that 4 United employees would fly with that plane, thus damaging the rights of passengers already boarded.

Did it proceed correctly?

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