Say which hotel you choose to tell you who you are traveling with! Which hotels do Romanians book for extramarital affairs?

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According to recent studies in the United States, about 40% of unmarried couples and 25% of married couples have experienced at least one episode of infidelity. The same study says that 20% of men are looking for an extramarital affair, while the percentage among women is 13%.

Psychotherapists are of the opinion that the phenomenon of extramarital relations was accentuated by the post-pandemic period, and this situation was certainly replicated in Romania as well. In 2020, one in three marriages ended in divorce proceedings. Together with the hotel booking specialists from the team, but also with the partner hoteliers, we made a list of the features sought by lovers of extramarital affairs.

Hotels with SPA and pool services

The most sought after features for couples hotels remain SPA services and indoor or outdoor pool, but equally important is the positioning in a more secluded area, less touristy. Large hotels or resort properties with an increased number of rooms and less hostels or boutique hotel properties are preferred.

Romanians are willing to pay more for hotels where they spend their extramarital affairs

From the experience of hoteliers, Romanians are willing to choose better hotels for extramarital affairs and pay more than in the case of family vacations. It is preferable to serve meals in the room or to reserve dedicated areas within the restaurants. The bill is higher than a regular holiday meal.

Avoid familiar tourist areas

Regarding the preferred destination for such getaways, hoteliers confirm that they avoid known tourist areas, especially in high season, and that they prefer city hotels (Timisoara, Brasov, Oradea, Cluj, Bucharest, Iasi) or hotels located in -a rich natural setting. Cities are preferred because they offer the perfect setting to get lost in the crowd, there is a wide range of types of hotels or apartments rented in hotels. Equally sought after are hotels located in nature, away from crowded tourist areas.

What do you think about this study? From your experiences, is it confirmed? 🙂

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