Top 5 outdoor ice rinks around the world

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The winter season begins, the season we all look forward to for snow, gifts and for practicing sports specific to the cold season. Big cities are opening Christmas fairs, the open resorts are ready to wait for their guests, and the ski slopes are arranged for lovers of the white season.

The largest outdoor skating rinks

During the winter months, some of the most attractive places in the world are turned into ice rinks. In addition to the specially designed artificial ice rinks, there are many other natural places that become ice rinks.

Below you will find information about the most spectacular and attractive rinks în outdoors from worldwide. It offers a great winter activity and the opportunity to have fun in the cold winter air.

Wollman Skating

Wollman Skating Rink is an outdoor skating rink located in the southern part of Central Park, New York City. It is one of the most picturesque ice rinks in the world. It was opened in 1949 with funds donated by Kate Wollman. The skating season opens in October and lasts until April, and in the summer season it is transformed into an amusement park, but also for other fun activities.

Wiener Eistraum

Wiener Eistraum is an annual event dedicated to ice skating, which is organized by the Austrian city of Vienna, right in front of the town hall. From January to March, the town hall square turns into a large ice rink. In addition to the main ice ring, you can also skate along a 415-meter long route through the Rathauspark.

Rockefeller Center Rink

The Rockefeller Center rink is considered to be the most beautiful outdoor rink. You'll find him in New York, a place where you'll find New Yorkers and tourists skating under the watchful eye of Prometheus.

Nathan Phillips Square

Located in front of City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square is a market square in downtown Toronto, Canada. During summer, the square is lively with concerts and dance performances. In the winter months, the reflective pool becomes an ice rink. Ice skating during the winter months takes place from mid-November to mid-March each year.

Somerset House

Sommerset House has the most beautiful and original outdoor ice rink in London, open in the winter season. During the day, visitors can skate in the spectacular XNUMXth-century courtyard setting of Somerset House. As it gets dark, the skating rink lights the torches lit around it, as well as the light reflected from the classic facades of the building.

What ice rinks do you know? That being said, skating increase :)!

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