The traffic at Henri Coandă - Otopeni airport takes place normally in the context of the application of the new entry rules in Romania

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Starting today, December 10, they are applied the new rules for the application of the quarantine measure upon entry into Romania. In this context, the passenger traffic at Henri Coandă - Otopeni Airport is normal. Occasional congestion was recorded between 14.00-15.30.

These crowds were generated, on the one hand by the fact that during these rush hours two additional flights landed, and on the other hand by passengers dissatisfied with the new restrictions. They behaved recalcitrantly towards the staff of the authorities with control over the documents entering the country.

The situation was kept under control with the help of the Bucharest Airports CN staff, the gendarmes and the Border Police. It is possible that such occasional congestion will continue to occur, and CNAB staff will continue to provide full support to the representatives of the authorities responsible for monitoring and maintaining law and order.

To reduce congestion by increasing the processing speed at DSP control, the number of DSP doctors on the input stream has been doubled. Also, for the better information of the passengers and for the maintenance of the public order, the number of employees of other institutions, including CNAB, was supplemented until the doubling.

As a result of the new entry restrictions coupled with an increase in the number of passengers entering the country, congestion may also occur in the next period.

CN Aeroporturi București calls on all passengers to find out in advance about the conditions of entry into the country and to take all necessary measures to comply with them.

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