Wizz Air resumes flights on the Bucharest - Eilat (Ovda) route

Starting with 28 in October, with the transition to the 2018-2019 winter season, Wizz Air will resume direct flights on the Bucharest - Eilat (Ovda) route.

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Romanians are increasingly traveling to Israel. In addition to those who choose to visit the holy places, there are more and more business and leisure tourists. Let us not forget that Israel is a country recognized as "second Silicon Valley". Israel is also known as the Start-Up Nation. The big high-tech centers can be found in the Tel Aviv area, but also around the provincial towns.

But let's not forget that Israel is a very tender country with regard to beaches and places of relaxation. You can enjoy luxury holidays in hotels of 5 stars, many of them located in the beach areas of Tel Aviv, but also in the resorts of Eilat. For those with low budgets, there are numerous hotels of 3 and 4 stars, motels and boutique hotels.

And if we keep talking about Eilat, we announce that Wizz Air will resume direct flights on the Bucharest - Eilat (Ovda) route. 2 will be operating weekly flights, on Wednesdays and Sundays, starting with 28 October 2018.

Bucharest - Eilat (Ovda) flight schedule with Wizz Air

W6 3275 Bucharest 07: 05 - 09: 55 Eilat (Ovda)
W6 3276 Eilat (Ovda) 10: 30 - 13: 35 Bucharest

The route will be seasonal, being in the reservation system until 27 March 2019. Rates start from 39 lei / segment, but pay close attention to the new luggage policy at Wizz Air.

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