1.4 million Romanian tourists will travel to Greece in the summer season 2022!

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Greek border authorities estimate that the number of tourists in Romania, expected for the current summer season, will be about 1,4 million, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) sent AGERPRES.

An MFA delegation was in the Hellenic Republic on 27 and 28 May to hold a series of technical meetings with representatives of Greek and Bulgarian local and regional authorities, as well as representatives of Greek hotel industry employers. to find the best solutions to facilitate the access and stay of Romanian tourists, in the context of the summer season.

1.4 million Romanian tourists will travel to Greece

During the technical discussions at the Kulata-Promachonas border crossing point, which was also attended by representatives of the national and border police from Bulgaria and Greece, the Romanian side presented to the Greek and Bulgarian interlocutors a series of objections of Romanian tourists to the big times. waiting for the border crossing, the Romanian authorities were concerned about the risk of repeating the long delays of previous years and assured of the Romanian side's full availability for institutional cooperation in order to identify solutions to streamline traffic on the Bulgarian-Greek border and reduce waiting times.

Representatives of the Bulgarian and Greek authorities said that a number of complementary measures had already been taken to remove the health restrictions and that they would lead to a reduction in waiting times for access to the Hellenic Republic.

Among the most important measures communicated by the Greek side are: supplementing the number of Greek border guards for border control; increasing the transit capacity through the border point by organizing additional counters; simplifying the procedures for checking travel documents for EU citizens; better coordination between the Bulgarian and Greek border authorities for the transmission, in real time, of information on the volume of transit at the Romanian-Bulgarian border.

The consultations that took place on this occasion also created the premises for the organization, for the first time, in the next period, of a trilateral technical meeting, Romania-Bulgaria-Greece, on the management of the flow of tourists traveling by road in the Hellenic Republic. , through Bulgaria.

The MFA sends to the Romanian citizens who want to travel to Greece, in the current summer season, the following recommendations: consult, before making the trip, the MFA website, the Travel Conditions section; the use of alternative border crossing points for road traffic for tourists, given that the Kulata-Promachonas border crossing point is the most requested at this time of year; avoiding, as much as possible, the trips on the days from the end of the week and the time intervals of maximum agglomeration, 12: 00-18: 00; ensure that they have sufficient fuel and food and water supplies in case of increased waiting times.

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