10 memorable movies from 2019 (video)

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At the end of 2019, I want to present you a retrospective of the most spectacular and memorable films in the aeronautical industry. There are thousands of unique images, captured by the right people at the right places. I am aware that I did not have the time and resources necessary to be able to visualize everything that happened in aviation.

Memorable videos from 2019

But from what I saw, a few remained in my memory. Some images present tragic events, others are comical. There are also happy ending movies or life lessons.

The truck got out of control at Chicago O'Hare

Civilization lesson from Canadians

Presentation of safety instructions in a humorous way

Total solar eclipse, from July 2, 2019, seen from the plane

This is what happens when you get on a plane.

When people get bored at airports

The silhouette of an airplane, shaped by the help of drones

Pictures of the Antalya tornado

6 AIRBUS aircraft in formation

Spectacular landing at Skiathos

If you have witnessed unusual events or have managed to capture in your images different memorable actions from your travels, please leave them in the comments.

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