29 of TransAsia Airways pilots suspended

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Following the 4 plane crash in February, when an ATR 72-600 TransAsia Airways crashed shortly after take-off, TransAsia Airways sent its pilots to re-evaluate. Until February 11, 49 of ATR pilots were called for re-examination.

Videos: ATR 72-600 TransAsia Airways crash

Following oral and practical tests, the Taiwan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) suspended 29 from pilots. 19 pilots TransAsia did not show up to test, were sick or were not in Taiwan, and 10 pilots failed competence tests in dealing with an engine failure situation. The suspended have one month available for re-qualification.

The other 20 pilots passed the oral exam, but will be sent abroad to learn new skills and practice more on simulators.

On 4 February 2015, an ATR 72-600 ATR aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff. The aircraft was to operate the GE-235 domestic flight on the Taipei Songshan - Kinmen Shang-Yi route, but collapsed at approximately 10: 55, local time, in the Keelung River. The aircraft took off from the 10 runway at Taipei-Sung Shan Airport, at 10: 51, with 58 persons on board (53 passengers and 5 crew members).

Videos: The rescue and recovery of the aircraft

Shortly after take-off, the right engine failed, and the left one was stopped, the aircraft remaining unpowered. As a result of the accident, 43 people were killed and 15 were injured. The aircraft was completely destroyed.

(Source info: air-journal.fr)

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