5 airplane games for smartphone

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We are passionate about airplanes and flying, and it shows in what we publish on the site and in the experiences we share with you. We love to be up high, feel the thrust of the engines on take off, float towards our destinations and why not, even feel the Jet Blast.


And when we're not flying, we like to relax by playing airplane games. It is the dream of many to take control of an airplane. Some make it in real life after many hours of training, exams and simulators, but most stay at the stage of simulators and games.

Today, technology helps us experience controlling an airplane in the virtual environment, right from our personal smartphone. Below we recommend 5 fun airplane games that you can play right from your phone.

Flight Simulator 3D – an excellent flight simulator

One of the games we recommend is Flight Simulator 3D. With this free simulator you will be able to control a plane through simple commands. In addition to flight management, you will also have different missions to perform such as: rescuing passengers, forced landings, fires and many other actions that make the game attractive and fun. You can choose the type of plane you want to control. It's a fun game and keeps you focused on what you're doing.

Flight Simulator 3D
Flight Simulator 3D

Paper Planes – a fun game with paper planes

When we talk about paper airplanes, our thoughts go back to our childhood and those airplanes we used to make out of paper. It was fun to throw them around the house or outside and we enjoyed when the plane stayed in the air longer. Sometimes we hold paper airplane throwing competitions and measure the distance flown.

By the same token, you can now play Paper Planes right on your phone. You have to launch a paper airplane as far as you can. Depending on the distance flown, you can accumulate points and thus improve your plane. It's fun!

Aviator – for Casino enthusiasts

Aviator is one of the games that revolutionized the online gambling industry. It's a unique casino game where you can win top prizes based on how far the plane flies on each launch. Brought to market in 2021 by the manufacturer Spribe, Aviator casino game quickly established itself in the top of players' preferences. It has a simple design with minimalistic graphics, but manages to stand out with its feature – Incredible Stake Multipliers and Adrenaline to the max!


Place your bets within the indicated time frame, then the game begins. The progressive multiplier starts at 1x and increases, and you can choose to cash out if the multiplier is advantageous to you. This must be done before the plane takes off. If you choose to play with real stakes, remember to play responsibly!

Air Combat 1942 – foray into history

Air Combat 1942
Air Combat 1942

For military aircraft enthusiasts, we recommend Air Combat 1942. This is an air combat simulator with a plane from World War II. It has good gameplay and realistic graphics. You have more weapons to fight against enemies and you will be able to level up as you win battles. It is a simple, dynamic game, sometimes with a lot of suspense.

Airplanes - childhood game now on the Internet

Another fun game that we highly recommend is Airplanes. This is a game that can also be played with friends, and the principle of the game is certainly familiar to you. As a child we used to draw 3 planes on a math sheet and we had to guess where the nose of the plane was, at which point we said that it was destroyed. The one who was left with as many as possible won aircraft assets. Airplanes is the same game variant, but digital.

If you like tactical games, you will definitely find a challenge in this game. The basic idea is simple: you have to strategically place your planes and shoot down the enemy ones.

Search Google Play games for Android or the App Store for Apple iOS phones and relax with a game of airplanes.

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