ANDRÉ RIEU concert in Cluj, on March 3 and 4, 2023

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The tickets for the concert of the artist André Rieu scheduled for Friday, March 3, 2023, at the BT Arena in Cluj-Napoca, were sold at a rapid pace from the first minutes after the launch. Within hours of tickets going on sale, the venue was 85% full and booking numbers showed that all 7.500 seats would be fully occupied by the end of the day.

The artist André Rieu will have 2 shows in Cluj

Following the accelerated evolution of sales, but also the massive interest from the public, Laishoo Events, the organizer of the event, together with the team of the artist André Rieu made the decision to announce a new performance.

Therefore, the famous violinist together with the largest private orchestra in the world will perform on the stage in the heart of Transylvania on March 3 and 4, 2023.

People who don't want to miss the chance to meet master André Rieu again can get their tickets for the second show, starting from today, November 1, 19:00 p.m., through the ticket agency, at variable prices depending on the seat category.

For the concerts in Cluj, included in the 2023 world tour, André Rieu promises the spectators over three hours of live music in a total show. Music, dance, excitement and fun will come together on the same stage marking another unforgettable evening.

André Rieu enjoys the appreciation of an impressive number of fans in our country. In 2015, the artist claimed 7 sold-out concerts, in the Capital's Constitution Square, a place named by the artist as "Center of the Universe". Then, the famous violinist was applauded by over 85.000 spectators you come from all over the country and beyond. Thus, André Rieu wrote an important page in the history of concerts in Romania, being catalogued "the largest concert event of 2015".

Extraordinary things never stopped coming from the great artist. He was with the suffering of the Romanians following the tragedy in Collective Club, and gave, as a sign of solidarity, what was most valuable: MUSIC. DVD of the concert "Live in Bucharest" collected from sales 150.000 euros, money he donated in full to the victims.

Two more sold-out concerts followed in 2016, in the same location, with over 25.000 spectators, and in 2019, shortly before the pandemic, the audience in Cluj-Napoca stormed the well-known hall BT Arena, selling out all tickets.

André Rieu returns to Cluj

After the series of 4 sold-out concerts, held in 2019 in Cluj-Napoca, André Rieu included Romania in the program of his new world tour, and the admirers of the artist from our country will be able to enjoy the magic of music in a new fabulous show, presented by the famous violinist together with the 60 accomplished musicians known as Johann Strauss Orchestra.

In all of André Rieu's concerts, the audience can easily be seen moving from one state to another; they laugh, cry, clap, dance and hug each other when they listen to the beautiful waltzes or soundtracks of famous movies, spiritual songs, folk songs or marches, but also the magical sounds of his precious Stradivarius violin dating from 1732;

His concerts are a perfect mix of catchy, romantic, festive and emotional songs combined with surprises, balloons, very talented soloists and, of course, Maestro André's sense of humor. The whole show is about emotions!

His videos André Rieu on YouTube they far exceeded 1 billion views; close 9 million fans from all over the world follow him on Facebook. Among those 40 million albums sold, the latest album, released in 2022, entitled "Happy Together" brought him success again, it was in the top 10 positions of the international charts.

André Rieu's tours regularly surpass those of several pop and rock stars in the world. His concerts are also a visual treat, from the entrance of the famous violinist and his musicians through the crowd, to the moment they go on stage and start the concert, to the lavish costumes or the impressive screen behind the orchestra on which special images are projected for every single song, guaranteeing an extraordinary evening for the whole family.

The history André Rieu

André Rieu began taking violin lessons at the age of 5, encouraged by his father, André Rieu Sr., conductor of the Limburg Symphony Orchestra and the Leipzig Opera. In 1967, Rieu studied violin at the Liège Conservatory, and later at the Maastricht Conservatory, until 1973. In 1974, André Rieu moved to the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, where he was taught by Andre Gertier. After completing his studies, in 1977 he obtained the Premier Prix. His greatest desire was to popularize music so that people remember that life is the most beautiful thing that can happen to them.

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