6 useful gadgets that I take on trips

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I have been traveling frequently for about 10 years. I have been to dozens of destinations in Romania and in many other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. I enjoyed stays of 7-10 days, city breaks of 2-3 days and even lightning trips of 1-2 days. I traveled by car, train, bus and, most of the time, I traveled by plane.

Regardless of the length of the trip and the destination, I always had my backpack loaded with gadgets. In general, when I pack my bags, it starts from the list of gadgets and, depending on the duration of the trip and the destination, I also take the necessary clothes. Most of the time I chose to travel with hand luggage: sometimes with troller 40x30x20cm or backpack of the same size (approximately); other times with troller 55x40x20cm.

Useful travel gadgets

My luggage contains several gadgets, but I have extracted for you 10 of the most useful ones that I take in my travels and they will certainly be useful in your travels.

  • Smartphone

The smartphone is indispensable and indispensable in everyday life. I currently have a ASUS ZenFone 7 uni a ASUS ROG Phone 5. In addition to traditional social networking and phone calls, the phone is useful in space travel. Most often I use the map, but also the sites specialized in reviews of locations and hotels. It helps me to make decisions when it comes to the restaurants where we go to eat, to visit the most interesting places and tourist attractions, etc.

For several years now, the phone has been the only camera I've been traveling with. I don't get the best shots, but it's enough to capture memories.

  • Headphones

Considering that any journey begins and ends with the road, the headphones are not missing from my luggage. It helps me communicate faster even when my hands are busy carrying luggage. Headphones help me isolate myself from the rest of the world and listen to my favorite music. More recently, I like audiobooks. Sometimes I use On Ear JBL Tune 500 headphones, but most of the time I use Sony WIC200W In-Ear Headphones. At the Black Friday Romania 2021 edition I ordered Huawei FreeBuds 4i wireless headphones (-41%). I hope it lives up to my expectations.

  • External battery

External batteries are not missing from my luggage. Depending on the trip and destination, I take 2-3 external batteries, as many as are allowed on flights. I have three external batteries ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh. With an external battery I manage to charge my phone 1-2 times, which ensures extended battery life for up to 24 hours.

  • External Hard Disk

I carry an external backup hard drive in my backpack. At the same time, I download all the photos and multimedia materials taken during the trips. I use a External HDD LaCie Porsche Design P'9227 of 4TB. I have it since 2018 and so far it has done its job.

  • Tablet / Laptop

I'm not going on the road without a laptop. Given that I work a lot online, I need a tablet or laptop to be able to quickly write the information. The Internet does not take a break! For several years I have been using an ASUS ZenPad 8.0 Z380M-6A025A tablet as a backup, which is a laptop ASUS ZenBook 15. This is definitely one of the most useful travel gadgets.

  • Fitness bracelet / Smartwatch

For some time, I have been used to wearing a fitness bracelet or a smartwatch. Considering that I walk quite a lot on trips, I like to monitor my heart rate, heart activity, count my steps and see the distance traveled. It gives me a little more freedom of movement. use Amazfit Band 5 fitness bracelet uni a Amazfit GTR smartwatch.

It is important that your hand luggage does not exceed the weight imposed by the airline you are flying with. Keep in mind that in addition to these gadgets, you must have the related cables, chargers and other small items with you. Many of you may have a different technology setup, it may involve a camera or a video camera, maybe other gadgets.

What gadgets do you put in your luggage?

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