Greek restaurants have become more expensive. See how much the popular souvlaki has cost!

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"Sad" news is coming from Greece. As hoteliers prepare for the 2022 summer season, Greek restaurants and taverns have become more expensive. Prices have risen due to inflation, which has jumped 10% in recent months. But there are dishes, such as the traditional and popular souvlaki, which have increased prices by even 30%, informs Reuters.

Should this scare us? In our opinion, what is happening in Greece is something normal and natural. Greek food has always been at very low prices compared to other destinations / countries. For years, tourists have enjoyed unique dining experiences at Greek taverns where one person spends from a few euros to tens of euros.

Given that the cost of its main ingredients - meat, vegetables and sunflower oil - is rising sharply, along with energy prices, as war and the pandemic disrupt supply chains, growth highlights some of the main pressures facing the economy. at the grassroots level.

The Grill and Restaurant Union in Athens says pork prices have risen by 30% in the last 12 months, sunflower oil, which is generally imported from Ukraine, has risen by up to 125% and electricity bills by more than 100%.

As a percentage, the increase in the price of souvlaki by up to 30% seems quite large. In fact, the average price for a skewer (souvlaki) is 3.3 euros around Athens. There will certainly be restaurants where the price will be higher or lower. Certainly there are tourists or locals who will not be able to afford to spend too much money on food, but there will also be tourists who will support the growth.

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In conclusion, services and food have become more expensive in Greece, but this is not the time to panic. Below we recommend that you book your vacation on one of them the islands of Greece. We recommend eating in Greek taverns for extra flavor and experience.

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