Oradea – Bucharest and Oradea – London with HiSky

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The HySky company obtained the maximum score based on the selection criteria, in the procedure for selecting a partner for operating flights from Oradea Airport.

The company proposes the following flight schedule:

  • 5 flights per week between Oradea and Bucharest (and return);
  • 3 weekly flights between Oradea and London (and return);
  • organizing charter flights to three holiday destinations: Hurghada (Egypt), Antalya (Turkey) and Monastir (Tunisia).

HiSky owns a fleet of 8 aircraft, including one with 275 seats for long-haul flights. The operator fulfills all other selection criteria set out in the procedure.

Air Oradea, the company established by the Bihor County Council and the Oradea City Hall, requested technical and financial information from HiSky to create a detailed business plan, with PwC as a consultant.

The plan would be completed in January 2024, with negotiations to sign the joint venture agreement and start HiSky operations in spring 2024.

The tenderer also meets the qualification criteria relating to similar experience. The number of passengers transported in the last three years is 1,8 million (minimum requirement – ​​1 million passengers), the operator is connected to a hub (operating hub is Bucharest), operates scheduled flights to Bucharest and London and has of Romanian-speaking flight attendants (93 Romanian-speaking employees).

The contribution requested by the bidder from AirOradea (total per 5 years) is 750.000 euros (maximum available 3 million euros).

The Air Oradea company requested technical and financial information from HiSkyEurope SRL, including details regarding revenues, costs, etc. This data will be analyzed and used by the consulting firm PwC to develop a detailed business plan.

The business plan is expected to be finalized in January next year. Afterwards, negotiations for the conclusion of the association contract will begin, with the aim of starting HiSky operations in late spring 2024.

The main objective of the business plan is to demonstrate that the public funding granted (750.000 euros) does not represent state aid and that the proposed activity will be sustainable for a period of at least 5 years, according to the requirements established by Air Oradea for the business plan .

Air Oradea was established in October 2021 by the Municipality of Oradea and the Bihor County Council, with the aim of developing, under competitive market conditions, the economic activity of operating air flights from Oradea International Airport, the company having as its main object of activity CAEN 5110 – Transport passenger airlines.

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