Spain and France have informed Novak Djokovic that he must follow COVID rules if he wants to take part in tennis tournaments!

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After the scandal in AustraliaNovak Djokovic also has problems with other countries hosting major tennis tournaments. Spain and France have told Novak Djokovic that they must follow COVID rules if they want to take part in the tennis tournaments this year! Okay, now it also depends on what rules will be in place at the tournament date. Some restrictions may be lifted and no vaccine will be needed.

ATP No. 1 Novak Djokovic will have to comply with Spain's health rules in order to participate in Spanish tennis tournaments, said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Answering the question of whether Djokovic will be allowed to enter Spain to compete after Australia deported him for not being vaccinated against COVID-19, Sanchez said: "Any athlete who wants to compete in our country must respect Spanish health rules ”.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who visited Spain on Monday and was with Sanchez during the press conference, also insisted that the rules imposed by each country must be followed. "We must all respect them, no matter who we are!"

The French authorities also told him that the rules must be followed by everyone. Following the adoption of the new rules, access to crowded, public areas and participation in sporting events and competitions will be made only on the basis of a Green Pass obtained after complete vaccination.

This means that Novak Djokovic will have to be vaccinated if he wants to take part in the European tennis tournaments organized in France and Spain.

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