Beijing Daxing International Airport, $ 13 billion airport, will be ready in October 2019

China's Beijing Daxing International Airport is scheduled to open on 1 October 2019. At the time of inauguration, it will be the largest airport in the world, as a surface.

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Work at Beijing Daxing International Airport (China) began in December 2014. According to the plan, the airport should be ready by June 2019, then the testing and commissioning of the equipment will follow. It is due to be inaugurated in October 2019. The cost of the project was estimated at 13,1 billion dollars!

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Once completed, Beijing Daxing International Airport will have traffic of 45 millions of passengers per year, in its infancy. By 2025, annual traffic could reach millions of 70 passengers. In its final form, Beijing Daxing could handle an annual traffic of over 100 of millions of passengers. The project also includes the development of an economic area related to air transport, with an investment of approximately 13,4 billion dollars.

The project includes 4 runways (7 in the final stage), 150 of parking spaces for passenger aircraft, 24 of parking spaces for cargo aircraft, 14 parking spaces for commercial aircraft and a terminal of 700.000 of square meters.

Beijing Daxing International Airport will operate in parallel with Beijing Capital International Airport, the second busiest in the world, after Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Beijng Capital benefited from investments and changes 10 years ago, on the occasion of the Olympics. Then 3,5 billion dollars were invested in what was the world's busiest terminal and the sixth largest building on the planet.

Despite these changes and expansions, Beijing Capital International Airport has always had trouble managing flights, with delays becoming legendary among frequent travelers. In 2017, Beijing Capital was transited by over 95,8 million passengers.

Istanbul New Airport - New Mexico City Airport

At this time, internationally, there are several projects underway for airports with heavy passenger traffic, such as those in Istanbul (Turkey) - Istanbul New Airport - and Mexico City (Mexico) - New Mexico City Airport. They will completely replace the existing airports, Istanbul Ataturk in Turkey and Benito Juarez International in Mexico.

Interesting details about Beijing Daxing International Airport:

- It is located 46 km from the center of Beijing;
- Daxing Airport will serve the cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei;
- It will cover an area of ​​2 hectares and is expected to become the busiest airport in the world;
- Beijing Daxing International Airport will have a larger area than Bermuda;
- The passenger terminal will be the largest in the world and was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects;
- New airport access routes will appear, including highways and railways, which will make the journey extremely fast: 10 minutes at 350 km / h from downtown Beijing to the airport;
- The airport skeleton includes 1.6 million cubic meters of concrete, 52.000 tons of steel and covers 47 square kilometers;
- Boarding gates are 5 km long.

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