Satu Mare International Airport inaugurates a digital display system also used by airports in Dubai, London, Manchester or Cluj

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One of the first airports in Romania, inaugurated in 1936, uses starting this month the most efficient digital solution for displaying passenger information, created in Cluj-Napoca in the offices of the AirportLabs company.

The VisionAir FIDS (Flight Information Display System) application is a state-of-the-art cloud solution that ensures communication with passengers inside airports through screens. It is currently used by a number of major international airports in the world: Dubai, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Belfast or Edinburgh. VisionAirFIDS also runs at Cluj-Napoca International Airport, starting in August 2020.

83 years after the first flight operated on the route Cluj Napoca - Satu Mare - Oradea - Cluj Napoca, a 100% Romanian technology company from Cluj offers Satu Mare airport the most modern software product to streamline communication and increase the quality of the experience offered to passengers .

From Satu Mare you can fly regularly today to London and Bucharest

Although it is a small airport, from Satu Mare you can fly regularly today to London and Bucharest, and from May 2021 to Paris and Frankfurt. In the last three years, almost 200.000 passengers have passed through the airport. A maximum of 85.171 passengers were reported in 2019, before the pandemic. With this implementation, Satu Mare Airport employees will be more efficient, and the experience delivered to passengers will be superior.

For the first time for the airport in Satu Mare, the management of the project to implement the new solution was done entirely remotely, and the settings of the display system were made 100% by the internal team of the airport, based on information provided online by the team that designed and developed the product.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the need for digitization, and in order for airports to optimize their operations and costs, it is important that the chosen solutions are fast, easy to use, safe and compatible with the other technical solutions indispensable for their activity.

The Cluj-Napoca company AirportLabs offers all Romanian airports, for an indefinite period and without costs, access to its digital products, in order to encourage the process of modernization, digitization and efficiency, in a difficult period for world aviation.

In addition to VisionAir, AirportLabs has developed nine other digital airport operations management products that have been operating for several years with outstanding performance at the world's largest international airports, including Dubai, London (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton). , Manchester, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Riyadh, Milan, Copenhagen, Brussels, or Bangalore.

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