Airports in Romania 2016: Total passenger traffic in 2016

In 2016, Tuzla International Airport recorded 15 288 of passengers carried!

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In terms of passenger traffic, the airport on the south coast registered 15.288 of passengers transported, a figure lower than last year. But it goes beyond the Baneasa and Tulcea airports, which have concrete runways.

Unfortunately, the dynamics of passenger traffic in Tuzla is greatly influenced by the infrastructure. Currently, the RAS activity is still limited to flights with a small number of passengers / flight, the company offering the following services: passenger and freight missions to domestic and foreign destinations with small and medium planes and helicopters up to performance class A.


At the same time, the RAS activity includes transport services to and from the marine platforms, flight school (plane / helicopter), medicalized air transport (airplanes / helicopters), parachuting (school / leisure), recreational flight / airtaxi, aerial advertising, air surveillance of land objectives, aerial photography and filming, utilitarian flights in agriculture.

Tuzla Airport

It is open to international passenger and freight traffic from 2013 through Order no. 1.133. Tuzla Airport is the first offshore training center accredited by OPITO - Survival School at Sea. It is the only training center for flight attendants (practical training, simulators). It is the host of the first integrated (aero-naval) search-and-rescue professional service in Romania. He is the organizer of the best known private air show, AEROMANIA, (10 YEARS in 2016). The host of one of the first private flying schools in Romania and the first skydiving school.

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