AIAS issued the preliminary investigation report on the plane crash at Băneasa Airport

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AIAS issued the preliminary investigation report a of the civil aviation accident occurred on 28.08.2020 on the runway of the International Airport "Aurel Vlaicu" Bucharest-Baneasa.

We remind you that the Boeing 767-324 aircraft registered N423AX was involved in this accident, to which the main landing gear gave way after contact with the runway.

On 28.08.2020, the Authority for Investigations and Analysis for Safety
Civil Aviation - AIAS was notified by phone about an accident involving a Boeing 767-300 aircraft, registered N423AX, operated by OMNI Air International, an event that took place when it landed at Aurel Vlaicu International Airport in Bucharest Baneasa.

AIAS has notified, through the usual communication channels, the following organizations: the International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO, the European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA and the National Transportation Safety Board - NTSB USA.

AIAS issued the preliminary investigation report

From the report issued by AIAS, we did not find out what led to the accident, but we found out how the accident occurred and how serious it was. Damaged left leg, damaged flaps, perforated fuselage, damaged engine 1.


After analyzing all the documents and information gathered during the investigation, the commission of inquiry of the event will prepare the draft final report.

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