Air China has completed the order for 6 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft

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On 7 January 2016, SEATTLE, Boeing and Air China have entered into an agreement for 6 aircraft Boeing 777-300ER. The order is valued at 2 billion dollars (list price) and is part of Air China's plan to grow the long-range aircraft fleet.

Air China (BEJ) 777-300ER "Smiling China" K65768-01

The Chinese air carrier continues to upgrade its fleet for long-haul flights and plans to expand its operational network internationally. At the end of 2015, Air China added 10 to US destination on operational map, flying to Havana, Cuba.

Currently, the Air China fleet comprises 173 of Boeing aircraft (21 of Boeing 737-700, 112 x Boeing 737-800, 3 x Boeing 747-400, 7 x Boeing 747-8i, 10 777 Boeing 200-20ER). He also placed orders for another 777 of Boeing aircraft, including 300 Boeing 99-15 Dreamliner units.

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