Air France, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic launch one of the most important partnerships in the world

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Just a short time ago, Air France, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic announced the signing of a new partnership, thus offering a wider selection of routes and extensive loyalty programs for passengers traveling between Europe, the UK and North America.


The new alliance offers customers more convenient flight schedules, the flexibility to book flights and check in on any of the four carriers through mobile applications, websites or travel agencies.

Extended benefits for passengers

But also the common promise of premium travel experiences, multiple onboard entertainment opportunities, internationally awarded services and products, a common loyalty program regardless of the airline with which they choose to make transatlantic flights.

Other advantages resulting from this partnership can be considered the 238 connections with cities in North America, 98 in continental Europe and 16 in the UK or the range of 110 non-stop transatlantic routes.

Eligible members, who have achieved Elite status under the loyalty program, also enjoy priority boarding at any of the four airlines and can relax in over 100 lounges at the airports they travel to.

Good news for freight carriers too

The freight carriers were not neglected either, the improved network also being available for cargo. The main hubs are spread across all cities representative of the new alliance, ensuring convenient non-stop connections to every corner of North America, Europe and the UK through Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, London Heathrow, Los Angeles, Minneapolis , New York-JFK, Paris, Seattle and Salt Lake City.

"Customers are the main beneficiaries of our alliance with Delta, Air France and KLM, as they can now benefit from varied and more convenient connections, a wide selection of flights, synchronized flight schedules so as to reduce stopover times and spend strictly the optimal time at the connecting airport, as well as improved services and extensive loyalty benefits, ”said Shai Weiss, CEO of Virgin Atlantic.

Other important data and essential information regarding the Air France-KLM-Delta-Virgin Atlantic joint venture

- The partnership represents approximately 23% of the total transatlantic capacity of passengers and freight;
- The combined annual revenues of the Joint venture are estimated at $ 13 billion;
- Over 180.000 employees work for the four companies Air France, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic;
- Air France, KLM and Delta have been in a joint venture since 2009, while Virgin Atlantic and Delta entered into a partnership in 2013. The establishment of a single transatlantic joint venture was the next strategic step in the collaboration between all four airlines;
- In 2019, the first code-sharing flights between Air France, KLM and Virgin Atlantic were launched. The agreement offered Virgin Atlantic customers up to 58 new transatlantic routes departing from 18 UK airports via Paris and Amsterdam. While Air France and KLM customers had access to 24 new North American routes operated by Virgin Atlantic and Delta departing from the UK, including via London Heathrow and Manchester.

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