Air France-KLM intends to take over Alitalia

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Looks like Alitalia isn't doing very well. The Italian airline operates at a loss (losses of 69 million euros in 2011), and its future is uncertain. The operator is currently 75% owned by Compagnia Aerea Italiana (CAI) and 25% by Air France-KLM. The Air France-KLM group took over a quarter of Alitalia's shares for € 322 million, an operation that took place on January 13, 2009 (an unlucky day for some).

La Tribune wrote these days that Air France-KLM intends to buy Alitalia through a share exchange, which could take place in the first quarter of 2013. Now it remains to be seen whether "Compagnia Aerea Italiana" accepts shares and not cash . There would also be the option for AF-KLM to buy Alitalia shares with the money down or CAI to try the "sea of ​​salt" at Lufthansa, which would be willing to pay cash.

I hope Alitalia is saved and we don't see her drawn to the right as Malev.

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