Air France-KLM intends to take over Alitalia

Air France-KLM intends to take over Alitalia

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It seems that Alitalia is not doing very well. The Italian airline operates on the minus (losses of 69 million in 2011), and its future is uncertain. Currently, the operator is owned by 75% of “Compagnia Aerea Italiana” (CAI) and 25% by Air France-KLM. The Air France-KLM Group has taken over a quarter of Alitalia shares for € 322 million, an operation that took place in January 13 2009 (a day of misfortune for some).

These days, La Tribune wrote that Air France-KLM plans to buy Alitalia through a stock exchange, which could take place in the first quarter of 2013. It remains to be seen whether "Compagnia Aerea Italiana" accepts shares and not cash. There would also be an option for AF-KLM to buy Alitalia shares with low money or CAI to try the "salt sea" in Lufthansa, which would be willing to pay cash.

I hope Alitalia is saved and we don't see her drawn to the right as Malev.

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