1000 Boeing 777 will arrive at Emirates

1000 Boeing 777 to reach Emirates (video)

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Boeing 777 reached the threshold of 1000 units sold. Boeing 777 (sometimes abbreviated T7) is a high-capacity subsonic long-haul twin-engine aircraft built by Boeing. This type of aircraft holds the current record of autonomy for commercial aircraft (17.450 km without power). Other special features of the aircraft include the perfectly circular fuselage, a set of six wheels on each axle of the landing gear, and the ability to be equipped with the highly efficient General Electric GE90 engine.

The moment was celebrated yesterday, at Everett - Washington, by Boeing officials and with over 5000 employees, special guests and government officials. The 777-300ER aircraft with the 1000 number will arrive later this month at the Emirates airline, the operator that has over 100 777 aircraft and includes all 6 models (777-200, 777-200ER, 777-XNUM, 200-XNUM 777-777, 300-777ER). Plus, Emirates still has orders for 300 Boeing 93 aircraft.

Currently, Boeing has registered orders over 1350 777 aircraft from 64 airline operators.

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