America Express 2024 – Road to the Sun

America Express Season 6 / America Express Season 2 is fast approaching and 9 star couples are ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. America Express will take the contestants on the Road of the Sun, which passes through Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina. As we have been used to, contestants have to make do with just 1 euro per day. They have to find food, transport and accommodation.

The continent is the same this year and the Road of the Sun will take the competitors through Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina, on a route with spectacular places, full of stories and history. The missions will be up to par, and the fight for the Supreme Amulet of 30.000 euros and the title of winner of the toughest reality show in Romania promises to be fierce this time as well, he announces Antena 1.

9 pairs of stars are ready to embark on a new adventure at the end of the world provided by America express. Alexia I was and her brother Aris; the comedians George Tanase and Ionut Rusu; Romica Tociu and his son Catalin; Iulia Albu and her lover Mike; Giulia Anghelescu and her husband Vlad Huidu; Cleopatra Stratan and Edward Sanda; Iuliana Pepene, the presenter of the Morning Observatory and the war journalist Sonia Simionov, also part of the Observator team; digital divas Sânziana Negru and Laura Giurcanu; actress Ada Gales and her mother, the writer Antoneta Gales are the contestants who said a resounding YES to the challenge of the sixth season of Asia / America Express, the toughest reality show in Romania, broadcast by Antena 1.

The new season of America Express will film this summer, but will air in 2024.