The art of excellent communication – both with yourself and with others, in a reality where people find each other

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A premium, fresh brand, based on a vast experience in the field of education and personal development, was born as a result of a passion taken to the next level by the founder Mihai Vasilescu. He, together with a team of specialists, offers corporate events an unforgettable experience, raised from a simple training session to the level of a concept.

Minemotions comes with addressability to companies and corporations, to private events, both large and small or medium, through adapted trainings, with carefully selected study subjects. From thousands of kilometers away, educational concepts reach the national market of business and corporate events thanks to this new standard of specialized courses, which increase the efficiency of teams and increase performance.

The art of excellent communication

Mihai Vasilescu, NLP Master Trainer, NLP and lifestyle coach, trainer, therapist and trainer, with over 10 years of experience as a teacher, will be your mentor on an unprecedented journey, which you will remember throughout your life. It will help you not to miss that unique train, not to miss the chance to have an authentic and revealing meeting with THAT person who will fascinate you, like no one has before. You will meet yourself, in a real first, you will see yourself in a new light, from a perspective that you did not think possible. Three letters, NLP, can reset your entire personal value system, and you can learn how to align your values ​​to have the energy and motivation to achieve exactly what you want, both professionally and personally.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a set of applicable tools for shaping human excellence, generating balance in all branches of existence. With the help of NLP, people become more flexible and adaptable to challenges, find clear solutions faster and easier, accept the unknown and increase their tolerance, both personally and professionally. An NLP practitioner becomes a team player, aware of his own role within it, but also of his own strengths.

Many times I have witnessed real metamorphoses, where skepticism and reticence have been replaced by confidence and exuberance, where I have seen people walk out the door radically changed from how they came in. I have often been told that "after NLP nothing stays the same", or that "the present seems to have taste and flavor, finally". Applying these techniques and tools opens a door to the authentic self that can never be closed or ignored.

NLP courses produce immediate effects

NLP courses produce immediate and lasting effects in businesses, management functions, positions that require a creative spirit or an entrepreneurial vision. And for psychologists, therapists, sales agents, students, teachers or trainers, the results of the courses are remarkable. They take place both physically and in virtual space. NLP is addressed both to individuals and to companies or groups, and can also be applied individually, in a 1-to-1 system, in a team building and in coaching or counseling sessions. 

The knowledge gained in the NLP courses has applicability in personal development, career, social, family or love relationships, but also in terms of mind-body dual health, with openness to fitness or spirituality, by calibrating one's own behavior and of acquiring techniques for setting objectives. 

Once they discover the world of NLP, learners end up making long journeys through time to understand the mechanisms and causes of traumatic events, accept and heal them, and move on, harmoniously, constructively and naturally developing personal and group engagement , towards achieving performance and excellence, along with resolving inner conflicts. Thus, programs that generated blockages or limitations are replaced in the mental and emotional structure by beneficial, resourceful and solution-oriented programs.

Minemotions courses available

Minemotions courses available on the platform are NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, Put Your Life in Motion, Training of Trainers, and the workshops are Unstuck Your Mind – Overcome your limitations and mind blocks, Mind Your 'Motions – Get rid of negative emotions, Change Your Mindset – Change your perspective on life, Being Your Drive – Find your personal and business motivation, Build Self-Discipline – Increase your personal efficiency, Speak Your Mind – Communicate effectively with yourself and others, Bullseye – Create and get the results you want, Detach Yourself – Understanding different attachment styles and The Mind of Visual Facilitation – Connecting people to ideas. I can't wait to meet you and get to know you! Click on to find out details about how you can reinvent yourself and become exactly the version you've aspired to all your life. Give yourself and those around you the upgrade you need!

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