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Update May 16, 2022: Asia Express 2022 becomes America Express 2022, with routes through Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.

Update May 6, 2022: Asia Express 2022, season 5, will take place in Mexico and Colombia and will be called America Express! Among the competitors offered are Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan; but also Sore and Jean Gavril.

Updated January 17, 2022: ASIA Express 2022 Romania, season 5, will start with Gina Pistol as presenter. The producers of Asia Express have already sent their bids to potential competitors. The first possible competitor at ASIA Express 2022 Romania, season 5, is Cătălin Bordea. He allegedly accepted the producers' offer on the condition that he team up with his friend Cosmin Nedelcu, known as Micutzu.

There is not much information at this time about the next season of ASIA Express. There are rumors that season 5 could be held in South America. There are many unknowns about the next season, but we will come back with new information as soon as it is available.

General information: Asia Express is the Romanian version of the reality show Beijing Express. The show is broadcast by Antena 1 and debuted on the small screens in Romania on February 12, 2018. So far, 4 seasons have been broadcast:

  • Season 1: The Dragon's Road - Raluk and Ana Baniciu
  • Season 2: Elephant Road - CRBL and Bones
  • Season 3: Treasure Road - Răzvan Fodor and Sorin Bontea
  • Season 4: The Road of the Emperors - Elwira and Michael Petre

Asia Express Romania format

The format of the show is relatively simple, but with a great emotional and competitive load. They take a group of celebrities and lesser-known people, form teams of two and are thrown into battle on a long route of thousands of kilometers. In the four seasons already broadcast, we could see teams made up of friends and girlfriends, mother / father and child, brothers, sisters, husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.

They take what they need in a backpack and have a dollar a day. He has to deal with transportation, accommodation and meals. It is a televised show and behind it there is a large production team, each team having a cameraman, reporter, security, etc. It's just that the competitors are not helped in the missions on the route and in the challenges of the day. In extreme situations, it is possible to intervene for the first aid or for protection, but this is the maximum that the competitors receive from the production team.

The route is dotted with several stages of immunity / elimination and amulets. There are last chance races, there are missions after which competitors can receive immunity / money / benefits. It is an interesting and captivating reality show in terms of competitors, but also thanks to the countries and places visited. In the end, the best team goes home with the grand prize.

  • Season 1 of Asia Express was organized by the countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand.
  • Season 2 of Asia Espress was organized by the countries: Sri Lanka and India.
  • Season 3 of Asia Express was hosted by the Philippines and Taiwan.
  • Season 4 of Asia Express was organized by the countries: Turkey, Georgia, Jordan and Israel.

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It is not ruled out that Season 5 of Asia Express will be held in South America. Many other countries already have experience in organizing this reality show in different countries in America, which would not be difficult for the Romanian production team to follow in their footsteps. We recommend Asia Express because you can see wonderful places, get an idea of ​​the locals and traditional customs. If you are looking for adventure, you can always go on an Asia Express trip.