#ATRADoftana - Workshop dedicated to travel photography

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In addition to the passions for technology, travel, food, I also have one for photography. I started to develop this passion from 12 years ago, when I got my first camera. At that time they were filming 24 or 36 frames and I had to be careful about what I was photographing. Then we switched to digital camera, memory cards appeared and the photo industry exploded. So does my passion!

I have taken tens of thousands of photos over the last 5-6 years, especially since I started writing on my personal blog. Then we developed different projects, and photography is indispensable. I photograph pretty much everything I get when it comes to technology and travel. Plus I like to shoot planes, and the technique is more complex.

Photography plays an important role in tourism. We visit wonderful places and many times we cannot express the unforgettable experiences in writing, but a photo makes a thousand words.


In period 29-31-May 2013, Alex Filip, founder of Eventur, organizes a photography workshop dedicated to tourism bloggers in Romania. So I couldn't refuse this invitation and I can't wait to find out new techniques in photo travel from Dear Asaftei, a young man passionate about photography and I respect him for everything he does.

The workshop will be held at boarding house ATRA, on the Doftana Valley, located on the shores of Lake Paltinu. I visited this area a few years ago and was pleasantly impressed by the atmosphere, the beauties of nature and the tranquility I encountered in these lands. I hope it's the same now.

As for the ATRA pension, I don't have much to say. I know he has 5 daisies, he enjoys a futuristic concept, and the design is broken from SF movies. I learned that at the Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference, received the title of "pension of the year 2013". What is certain is that they aroused my interest and curiosity.

So, for those interested, next week I am at #ATRADoftana, an event organized by eventurilor in partnership with the pension ATRA Doftana and Sony Romania and I invite you to follow me on facebook and Twitter. I'm back with photos from the spot.

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