BER Runway, a booking system for security control at Berlin Brandenburg Airport!

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport has launched a pilot project through which passengers can book their time to go through security. Specifically book a time slot for free access to the security control at Berlin Brandenburg International Airport. The service is called BER Runway and allows you to go straight to security in Terminal 1 using a separate entrance where your booking and boarding pass are checked, thus avoiding the longer waiting times within the airport.


Thus, the waiting time until the start of the security check should be approximately 5 to 10 minutes due to the provision of a separate entrance. Reservations are possible three days before your flight.

To book, you must provide the flight number and enter the email address. It is recommended to reserve a time slot at least two hours before departure. The last bookable time slots are 1 hour before departure for Schengen flights and 1,5 hours for non-Schengen flights.

Make sure you arrive at the airport a reasonable time before your flight to allow enough time to check-in and drop off your checked baggage, where applicable, before heading to the BER Runway. Time slots are valid 10 minutes before and after the specified time. You can continue to use all general admissions at security even if you have a BER runway reservation or outside your reserved time slot.

In other words, to make sure you get through the control and security process on time, you reserve the time you want to be checked. It is a pilot measure and we look forward to the results!

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