Blue Air has launched the 2022 summer schedule. The moment is marked with a 22% discount!

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Blue Air announces the launch of the 2022 Summer Schedule and runs the ALWAYS SUMMER / E SUMMER campaign ALWAYS, offering 22% discounts on all flights with travel dates between March 27 - October 29, 2022.

Flights are already available for booking, and passengers Blue Air can discover for the first time the destinations of the next summer season. You can book flights for the holidays of 2022 at the best prices.

At the moment, Blue Air has operational bases in Bucharest, Bacău and Turin. The operational network consists of numerous flights to destinations in Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany and the United Kingdom. There are also destinations in Prague, Vienna, Tel Aviv, but also in the Nordic countries such as Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen.

Below you have a look at the Blue Air destinations with numerous routes announced for the 2021 summer season, many more in 2022.

Blue Air destination map
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