Blue Air announces Bacău - Athens and Bacău - Larnaca, from October 3, 2020

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Blue Air announces the introduction of two more new routes in Bacău as soon as the modernization works of the airport will be completed. We are talking about Bacău - Athens and Bacău - Larnaca. The 2 destinations are part of a series of 6 routes that Blue Air had planned from Bacău. These were announced in the winter of 2019-2020.

Bacău - Athens and Bacău - Larnaca

At that time there were discussions about flights from Bacau to Athens, Larnaca, Oslo, Birmingham, Stuttgart and Copenhagen. It's just that the pandemic has come and the routes have not been opened. Of the 6 destinations expected at the beginning of the year, Blue Air announces flights to Athens and Larnaca, but also to other 5 new destinations, everything from the base in Bacău.

Bacau - Athens with Blue Air - from October 3

0B2961 Bacău 21:25 - 23:10 Athens on Wednesday, Saturday
0B2962 Athens 19:10 - 20:55 Bacau Wednesday, Saturday

Bacău - Larnaca with Blue Air - from October 4

0B2937 Bacău 10:05 - 12:35 Larnaca on Wednesday, Sunday
0B2938 Larnaca 13:20 - 15:50 Bacău Wednesday, Sunday

Blue Air's plans are ambitious, but all the enthusiasm of this company is lost in the promises of the Romanian Government. Blue Air's desperate message to the Romanian Government say it all.

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