Boeing has announced the 777-8 Freighter. Qatar Airways is the launch client!

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Boeing has launched its new 777-8 cargo plane and expanded its family of cargo planes. Qatar Airways will be the launch customer for the new 777-8 Freighter cargo plane, with a firm order for 34 aircraft and options for another 16. The total order would be worth $ 20 billion at current list prices. Boeing's biggest commitment to cargo planes.

The order also supports hundreds of US suppliers in 38 countries. It will support more than 35.000 jobs in the United States and provide the U.S. economy with an estimated $ 2,6 billion in annual delivery.

Featuring the advanced technology of the 777X family of aircraft, the 777-8 Freighter will be the largest twin-engine cargo aircraft. With a payload capacity almost identical to that of a Boeing 747-400 Freighter and a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency, emissions and operating costs, the 777-8 Freighter will allow operators to grow a more sustainable business. more profitable.

With a range of 4.410m (8.167 km), the 777-8 Freighter has a maximum structural payload of 118 tonnes, allowing customers to make fewer stops and reduce landing fees on long-haul routes.

Boeing has announced the 777-8 Freighter
Boeing has announced the 777-8 Freighter

Boeing will build the 777-8 cargo plane in Everett, Washington. The company has invested more than $ 1 billion in the Everett base to support 777X production and to support thousands of local jobs in the coming decades.

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