Chefs without limits, on Antena 1, from February 21, 2022

Chefs without limits, the show that spectacularly combines cooking with travel and adventure, will offer viewers a unique gastronomic show, seasoned with beautiful Greek destinations and situations full of suspense and adrenaline.

The first edition of the show "Chefs without limits" was filmed in Greece. Sorin Bontea, Cătălin Scărlătescu and Florin Dumitrescu are the protagonists of this format, and the beloved chefs will each coordinate a team, the stake being to prove that a passionate chef can handle any condition and that he can exceed his limits.

Irina Fodor, the presenter of the show, is the one who will coordinate them and will be with the chefs and competitors in this adventure. Chef Iosif Stefanescu will be the one who arbitrates the chefs' missions and will accompany them to each trial with a local judge, to ensure that everything goes according to the instructions, and Marius Tudosiei va brings to the fore the gastronomic part of Greece.

Chefs without limits will debut on February 21, on Antena 1

Boundless Chefs will be broadcast 3 times a week, on Antena 1, revealing to viewers traditional recipes, original dishes with Greek flavor, beautiful places and adventure as much as it contains. The grand premiere of the show can be watched on Monday, February 21 from 20:00, Tuesday and Wednesday, February 22 and 23, from 20:30.

Chefs without limits will be a gastronomic show in beautiful Greece. The three aces of gastronomy will discover new tastes, unique dishes and will get to know the Greek culinary specifics, to the delight of the viewers who are just waiting for the show to start.

Chef Sorin Bontea, Chef Cătălin Scărlătescu and Chef Florin Dumitrescu will duel and will reveal the gastronomic story of some of the most beautiful islands of Greece, discovering new tastes and destinations.