Bucharest - Berlin with Ryanair, 2 daily flights since September 2, 2016

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Ryanair has announced a new route from Bucharest to Berlin, which will be operated with a frequency of two daily flights starting in September. For this summer, Romanian customers and tourists can now choose from the 11 routes operated by Ryanair in Bucharest, which will bring millions of customers to 1.6 airport and support 1.200 jobs.


Ryanair celebrates the launch of its new route, Bucharest - Berlin, by selling low-cost seats starting from just 24.99 EURO for travel in September and October. These promotional places are now available for bookings on www.ryanair.com/ro, until midnight, Thursday, 21 April.

Bucharest - Berlin - Bucharest flight schedule with Ryanair:

FR314: Berlin Schönefeld 07: 25-10: 35 Bucharest Monday
FR314: Berlin Schönefeld 07: 15-10: 25 Bucharest Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
FR314: Berlin Schönefeld 07: 05-10: 15 Bucharest Saturday, Sunday

FR327: Berlin Schönefeld 16: 35-19: 45 Bucharest Monday, Wednesday, Sunday
FR327: Berlin Schönefeld 18: 05-21: 15 Bucharest Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
FR327: Berlin Schönefeld 17: 20-20: 30 Bucharest Friday

FR315: Bucharest 11: 00-12: 10 Berlin Schönefeld Monday
FR315: Bucharest 10: 50-12: 00 Berlin Schönefeld Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
FR315: Bucharest 10: 40-11: 50 Berlin Schönefeld Saturday, Sunday

FR328: Bucharest 21: 40-22: 50 Berlin Schönefeld Tuesday, Saturday
FR328: Bucharest 20: 10-21: 20 Berlin Schönefeld Monday, Wednesday, Sunday
FR328: Bucharest 22: 15-23: 25 Berlin Schönefeld Thursday
FR328: Bucharest 20: 55-22: 05 Berlin Schönefeld Friday

In Bucharest, Denis Barabaș, Ryanair Sales & Marketing Executive for Romania, said:

“Ryanair is pleased to announce the launch of a new summer service, with a frequency of two daily flights, from Bucharest to / from Berlin, which will be operated from September and is now available for bookings on www.ryanair.com/ ro.

Romanian customers should continue to expect other surprises and improvements in the coming months, which include new aircraft interiors, new routes and digital experiences, developments undertaken in the 3 Year of the "Always Getting Better" program, all because Ryanair offers more than just low rates.

To celebrate our new route from Bucharest to Berlin, we put up for sale seats at prices starting from just € 24.99 for travel in September and October. These are available for bookings until midnight, Thursday, April 21. Because they will be booked quickly, but not to miss this extraordinary promotion, we invite customers to access www.ryanair.com/en for reservations. "


Route Frequency Release date Price
Berlin DO NOT x day 2 September 24.99€


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