STB trips can be paid for by card in all means of public transport

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STB SA digitizes the payment process of the trip in all means of public transport. Payment by credit card is the easiest and fastest way to pay for a trip by public transport.

Until now, this feature was only available on the new Otokar and Mercedes Hybrid buses. In order to allow all citizens to pay for their trip quickly and easily, even if they do not have a transport card, regardless of the type of vehicle used - tram, trolleybus or old generation bus - STB SA started at the end of 2021 the procedure for purchasing this service.

"Our users expect to simplify the payment process and integrate technology into their daily routine. They can easily use devices such as a mobile phone or smartwatches associated with a bank card to pay for the trip directly to the validator in the vehicle, without worrying about a transport card or going to a point of sale.", Said the General Manager of STB SA - Adrian Criț.

Another advantage of this solution for digitizing payment services is that the validators allow both payment by bank card and payment by transport card.

The term of implementation of the payment service with direct bank card in vehicles is 180 days, conditioned by the pandemic situation at international level that affected the electronic components market and implicitly the large number of equipment necessary for the entire STB SA fleet.  

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