The Czech Republic introduces Romania on the green list, from June 14! Free to travel without restrictions between the Czech Republic and Romania!

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We inform you that, following the improvement of the epidemiological situation in Romania, the Czech authorities have decided to transfer Romania to the category of states with low risk of infection (green level), starting with June 14, 2021.

Thus, after June 14, Romanian citizens, persons residing in Romania and those who have been on Romanian territory for more than 12 hours can travel to the Czech Republic without restrictions.

It is mandatory to wear a FFP2 or equivalent respirator in public places and to comply with the restrictive measures taken internally by the Czech authorities.

The Czech Republic puts Romania on the green list

Croatia, Switzerland, Cyprus, Estonia and the Azores will be included in the Czech Republic's orange category, while Poland and Romania will be on the green list. The Czech Green List also includes countries and territories such as: Monaco, Vatican, Israel, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Japan, San Marino and Malta.

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