CFR Călători and BCR implement contactless payment of the travel ticket for the trains on the relation Bucharest North - Henri Coandă Airport

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As part of the actions carried out to increase the degree of digitalization and expand the alternative channels for issuing train tickets, CFR Călători in collaboration with Banca Comercială Română (BCR) implements on Monday, August 23, 2021, a pilot project to facilitate passenger payment of tickets directly in train.


The devices currently allow the purchase of two types of tickets: for adults and children, respectively tickets for customer categories for which it is not necessary to check / retain additional documents. The price of a trip on the route Bucharest North - Henri Coandă Airport is 4 lei for an adult and 2 lei for a child (aged between 5-10 years, the trip being free for those under 5 years old).

Payment by card on CFR trains on the route Bucharest - Airport

Passengers will not have to pay other fees or bank charges for contactless payment of the train journey, regardless of the card or device used. Receipts certifying that the value of the trip has been paid will be printed individually, for each client.

The project represents a stage of digitalization and automation of CFR Călători's internal commercial processes, while respecting the WHO recommendations on reducing cash payments in the context of the COVID pandemic 19.

CFR Călători operates 60 trains on the route Bucharest North - Henri Coanda Airport and return. The train traffic is timed and covers almost the entire length of the day, ensuring the transport needs for both occasional and shuttle passenger traffic.

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